Is Trump a Xenophobe? An Informal Argument Against This Notion.

    Have you ever had a friend or family member blow up at you for believing that Trump is not a xenophobe? Does this person consider themself a good Christian, and yet chooses to condemn and judge anyone he or she considers to be “worshipping Trump” – i.e. pretty much anyone who voted for him? Although I am not a big fan of Brennan Manning, he did have it right when he said. . .

The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians who acknowledge Jesus with their lips and walk out the door and deny Him by their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable.

    When I supported Trump after the Charlottesville tragedy in 2017 I had a liberal, Catholic friend tell me I was going to hell and then she never spoke to me again. As of today, I still have not heard from her, despite the fact that it has been proven that the media lied about Trump’s statements after the Charlottesville attack.1 While visiting with another friend – who is an open socialist, borderline communist, Trump hater – at a coffee shop, the minute I disagreed with her socialist views she slammed the chair, screamed at me, and stormed off, never to be heard from again. In both circumstances I was not even given a chance to make my case. My openly socialist friend even blamed me personally for all the problems in the world.

    When Obama was elected I was not thrilled and a bit worried to be honest, but I respected the Office of the President enough to accept the situation as it was, despite the fact that Obama’s policies were anathema to me. I never stopped being friends with progressives and Democrats when Obama legalized gay marriage or when Obamacare was passed. Why are people on the left so overly passionate against Trump? I am working on a book to help explain this issue in detail. I have no idea when it will be done, but it will take at least a year. In the meantime, you should know that people on the left do not care about facts and figures. They care about emotions, suffering, white privilege, racism, etc. However, their definitions of these things are not the traditional definitions; therefore, conservatives can’t even communicate with them without setting them off.

Changing the Language

    Did you know that the ACLU has replaced Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals with George Lakoff’s book Don’t Think of an Elephant as their bible? Lakoff, who is a linguist from the University of California Berkeley, and who argues that liberals and progressives spend too much time using the language of the right. He calls on his followers to redefine the meaning of words in order to control the narrative. 2

    George Lakoff adheres to a philosophical argument of post-structuralism. Post-structuralism got started in France in the 1960’s and philosophers such as Michael Foucault – a known homosexual, pedophilia supporter,3 and a founder of postmodern thinking – looked to it to justify and normalize anti-establishment behavior. Our inability to communicate with progressives and Democrats is the result of this existentialist enterprise, which focuses on giving people the right to live their life however they want no matter who it hurts. What’s ironic is that Foucault supporters are so judgmental of people who choose to live their life as conservative Christians. I guess tolerance is only applicable to people who think like them.

Racism Redefined

    Critical Race Theory has redefined racism and white supremacy. If you are a conservative African American, or a conservative Latino or Asian American who supports Trump, you are now considered a white supremacist and a racist. You are supporting a system where white, conservative, Christian men are the domineering force in society. You are bolstering social constructs that don’t allow for equal opportunity across the board. “Social justice”, which has always been steeped in Marxism and income redistribution, is now redefined as egalitarianism. Therefore, anyone who does not support social justice is bigoted because they do not want equal opportunities for all. This is obviously nonsense and an example of what George Lakoff wants the left to do – to fundamentally change the language of American youth so that they can no longer understand what conservatives are talking about. It’s like listening to nails on a chalkboard whenever we share our opinion. This explains why my ex-friends did not even give me an opportunity to make my case for Trump.

Is Trump A Xenophobe?

    Despite the fact that the left is not concerned with the cold hard truth, I still want to share some statistics with you on violent crimes committed by illegal aliens. Trump is called xenophobic for unjustifiably being afraid of who and what are coming across the border. Many on the left argue that illegal aliens do not commit as many violent crimes as American citizens do, so let’s examine whether this is true or not. Caveat: I must note that these numbers are not exact, but there is enough of a difference between alien crime and non-alien crime to argue that aliens are most likely committing violent crimes at much higher rates than American citizens.

    According to the Pew Research Center there were 1,600,000 illegal aliens living in Texas in 2016,4 and according to the Department of Justice, illegal aliens committed 91,848 violent crimes – murder, sexual assault, assault, and robbery – in Texas between 2011 and 2018. This means that illegal aliens in Texas committed 57,405 violent crimes per million during that period. 5

    An interpolation of national violent crime rates between 2010 and 2017– murder, rape, sexual assault, assault, and robbery – as according to data compiled by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, would suggest that around 430 out of every 100,000 people in America committed a violent crime. This means that nationally, people in general were only committing violent crimes at a rate of 4,300 per million.6

    This suggests that illegal aliens in Texas are 13.35 times more likely than the national average to commit a violent crime! 7

Why does the Left Refuse to Examine Truth?

    Knowing these statistics above, how is Trump a xenophobe? Why are his concerns not valid? Why does the left refuse to examine truth? This question goes back to Michael Foucault and the existentialist philosophers of the 1960s. If there is truth out there and it’s not relative, as postmodernism teaches, then you can’t live your life however you want. There is a source of truth that impacts your life, and that source of truth is our Heavenly Father. How we see the world is dependent upon how we view God. And if we believe that we ourselves are god, as many on the left do, and that the only way to commune with the Creator is to abandon a dualistic reality, then of course the dualism of right and wrong is considered a stumbling block to becoming conscious of our own divinity. These ideas are based in a Buddhist, neo-Platonist, philosophy, which is transforming America away from its Christian-Judeo roots.

Christianity Merging with Buddhism

    I would encourage everyone to study up on Buddhism to understand the mentality of the left. This non-duality that they adhere to, and that directly affects the way they vote and see the world, is based in Buddhist philosophy. Many Christians, my belligerent, liberal Catholic, ex-friend included, don’t realize how much of Buddhism is infiltrating the church and thereby affecting their worldview. There are Christian organizations out there working in the name of social justice, and partnering with individuals and non-governmental organizations that are open Buddhists and even Hindus. I challenge you to fully examine an organization’s connections before you become involved with them or help them financially. You may be contributing money to the very people who are promoting this narrative of Trump as a xenophobe.

Footnotes and Sources

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  2. Lisa Watson, the former chapter director of the Kansas City ACLU – who converted to Christianity by studying Christian apologetics and specifically the teachings of Frank Turek – was the person who told me about the ACLU’s use of George Lakoff’s book. I met her at a speaking engagement in Dayton, Ohio in March of 2018. As a Christian she began to realize the evil agenda of the ACLU and started a national campaign to inform Christian conservatives of what is happening.
  3. The information about Foucault was acquired via a pro-pedophilia website.
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  7. Appreciation goes out to M. David Johnson for his help in analyzing these statistics. 

The Pew Research article entitled 5 facts about crime in the U.S. – written by John Gramlich – states in the first graph on the left entitled “Violent crimes per 100,000 people (FBI)” that the rates were 747.1 in 1993 and 382.9 in 2017. A significant drop in the overall violent crimes rates nationwide!

To get our estimated numbers we started off by first subtracting the years from one another: 2017 – 1993 = 24 and 2010 – 1993 = 17. Since the years did not line up exactly with the DOJ report on Texas crime from 2011 – 2018 we used data from 2010 – 2017 in the Pew report to interpolate data.     

We then divided the difference in years 17/24 = .71 and multiplied this by 100% to get 71%. This 71% along the base of the graph from 1993 to 2017 resulted in a value on the graph which we estimated as about 475. To get a more accurate number we added this number to the 382.9 rate in 2017 and then divided it by 2.(475 + 382.9)/ 2 = 428.95, which was then rounded to 430.

Please keep in mind that although the overall violent crime rate is going down; the estimate for the nationwide rate of violent crime in 2018 is not necessarily lower since we do not have data for 2018. Being conservative in these estimates shows that despite our assumption of a higher, rather than lower national violent crime rate, the violent crime rate by illegals in Texas was still significantly higher than the conservative estimate for 2018.

Without any data from 2018, we would have to extrapolate (I,e, give an “educated guess”) as how much further it went down. And that’s of questionable validity. For all we know, the numbers might have started back up. But, suppose it was, say 376 in 2018, and say 468 in 2011. The average would still be (468 + 376)/2 = 422; i.e. still higher than 2017’s point value of 382.9.

How, how did we come to the per million rate? 430 per 100,000 is identical to 4300 per million needed to report in the rate used in the DOJ Texas report. 

We must stress these are rough estimates, but the overall pattern is clear that the rates of illegal violent crime in Texas is still much higher than the national violent crime rate.