Atheism and Evolution

This page includes links to academic papers and blog articles I have written on the subject of Intelligent Design. They currently focus on a weighted evidence approach towards design in the cell. Although I have studied under Dr. Fuz Rana of the Reasons to Believe Institute — an adherent of “old earth” theology — I personally adhere to a literal six day creation account. I have deep respect and admiration of Dr. Rana and Dr. Hugh Ross; however, I believe that once you start to spiritualize the gospel to meet a scientific model, you are putting God in the box of that scientific model. God cannot be explained via earthly terms — i.e. terms inside the box of His own creation. Once you start to spiritualize one passage of scripture you run the risk of people spiritualizing all of scripture and reading any interpretation into scripture that suits their agenda — hermeneutics is lost. I firmly believe that Dr. Rana and Dr. Ross have no other agenda besides sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. However, I fear that Emergent, Dominionist, and Word of Faith theologians in America today will see how scripture has been spiritualized to support Origins of Life research and then will take this as carte blanch authority to interpret the Bible however they see fit.

The Good News!

By focusing on a weighted evidence approach towards intelligent design in the cell we can span the gap between “old earth” creationists and “young earth” creationists! It doesn’t matter what your cosmology is because intelligent design in the cell is something all Christians can agree upon! Unity in diversity!


Academic Papers:

1.) How the Structure, Function, Biosynthesis, and Degradation of Proteins Points to Intelligent Design.

2.) How the Structural and Functional Features of Cell Membranes Point to Intelligent Design

3.) How Have Christian Apologists Used Biological Information Systems to Make a Case for Intelligent Design

4.) How Genetic Entropy in Non-Universal Genetic Codes Points to Intelligent Design

5.) Scientific Problems with Origin-of-Life Explanations that Rely on Chemical Evolution

6.) How the Irreducible Complexity Argument is Insufficient in Making the Case for Design

7.) Two Topic Research Paper: Examining Whether Ornithine is the Missing Amino-Acid and Whether Evolution is Unable to Multitask


Blog Postings: