Should Your Kids Be Watching Anime?

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Click here to listen to Stephanie’s workshop from the Engage 2021 Conference in Chicago, IL..

Click here for her notes from the workshop.
The infiltration of anime into our homes is not something to be taken lightly. Most anime is not family friendly, and despite it being in a cartoon format, the messages presented in this media can possibly lead your child to fall away from their Christian faith. In addition, to many television shows books, and apps openly supporting the LGBTQ movement and sexual immorality, anime has also been used by neo-Buddhist groups to get kids interested in eastern religions. Anime is also used by known cult groups to promote their agenda and to gain followers. These cult groups include Aum Shinrikyo and Soka Gakkai International as well as other emerging religions. This presentation will first provide a cursory overview of the more popular anime television shows and apps that are marketed to young children, and the second half of the presentation will discuss how this media has been used by new and emerging religions to promote climate change action and globalism.

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