Marvel and DC Comics’ Gnostic War for Your Child’s Soul

Image by Ralph Leonard Poon from Pixabay

Should the philosophies behind the stories in Marvel and DC Comics and films be promoted by Christians? According to Good Fight Ministries1 in their documentary, “Marvel & DCs War on God: The Antichrist Agenda,” many of the actors in these movies are “admittedly involved in Satanism and the occult.” The creators of Marvel and DC comics can be best described as Gnostics who deny the deity of Christ.

Through these comics and movies, a very subtle, Gnostic message is informing and reshaping your child’s worldview. The God of the Old Testament is portrayed as one who must be fought and rebelled against as a jailer of innocents and a tyrant. Jesus is portrayed not as the second person of the Trinity but rather as the first superhero who uses universal love to fight against the wrath and legalism of Yahweh. Therefore, our goal as humans is not one of holiness but the pursuit of esoteric knowledge (gnosis) and power. The goal is to realize our own divinity.

Parents should be very cautious of introducing these comics and movies to their children without first explaining the underlying worldview of their creators.

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