Can Christians Have Limitless Dominion Over Their Health?

New scientific research is shattering conventional wisdom about the human body and offering fascinating insights into how we can all unlock our body’s superpowers to fight illness, perform better and even reverse the aging process.1

The New Age Movement is like a sponge that attempts to absorb all religions and beliefs from different cultures into one spiritual, socio-economical unified system. The problem is sponges soak up the bad as well as the good.2

I recently watched the six-part National Geographic series Limitless on Disney+. Not surprisingly, the show promotes the New Age Movement by advocating for the human potential movement,  neuroplasticitymindfulnessAboriginal shamanismShugendō Buddhism, and the panentheism of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. It also touched on the positive death movement, which is not based in any specific religion. However, the rising interest in Buddhism has introduced alternative concepts of dying into the movement, which are now being presented to vulnerable patients and families by death doulas.3


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